Sunday, November 02, 2008

Please support our project bid!

Info+ Alliance: Providing accurate, quality and timely sex health information using innovative ICTs

Please help us by taking the time to view, rate, and comment on our preliminary project description. It is our intent to create an innovative application for fact-checking media reports around sexual health, including HIV/AIDS by working in collaboration with experts in Second Life, North Carolina, Illinois, New York, Australia, and India. The idea and collaboration has sprung from relationships in Second Life, and intends to benefit both SL and RL communities.

You'll see basic information about the proposed project on the following link, and depending upon ratings, we'll be invited to submit a more complete application.

Please go here to see and rate our proposal. Your comments are also greatly appreciated, since these may affect the decision as much or more as the ratings.

from one of the accompanying documents:

Working in partnership with Alliance Library System in Illinois and in collaboration with the Journalism and Media Research Centre, University of New South Wales (Australia) and the University of North Carolina Center for AIDS research, Community Outreach, Dissemination, and Education Office (CFAR), the Info+ Alliance brings together internationally recognised experts in journalism, sex health education, health information provision, cultural studies, media arts and computer programming across three countries.

Thank you for your support!!

Carolina Keats
Coordinator, Healthinfo Island and Karuna projects