Friday, August 07, 2009

New home for weblin-users: The 3D Chatworld Club Cooee

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Stay in touch with your friends in Club Cooee after weblin ceases service

Meet new people live and wherever you want

Create your own 3D rich media chatrooms

Hello ,

after an exciting and great time we spent together, we unfortunately have bad news for you and all the other weblin-users. Despite successful growth weblin had to declare insolvent and will probably have to cease services soon.

In this newsletter we want to introduce you to the free 3D-chatworld Club Cooeee as an exciting alternative to weblin. You can stay in touch with all your friends there, just as you did before in weblin. Simply register HERE for Club Cooee, and then it takes just one more click to let everybody on your contact list know and be reconnected with your weblin-friends!

Stay in touch with your friends in Club Cooee after weblin ceases service

Once you registered for free in Club Cooee, you can reconnect to your weblin-friends any time with just one click.

Just like in weblin you can see who is online in Club Cooee. With your customizable 3D animated avatar you are always available for your friends, like in a messenger. When you register as a weblin-user now, you will receive the weblin-bag for your avatar as a special present. And to make you have a good start, your Cooee points will also be doubled for shopping without end.

Stay in touch and get the specials!


Meet new people live and wherever you want

Apart from other weblin-users you can meet people from all over the world in the 3D rooms of Club Cooee anytime.

Customize your individual 3D avatar according to your individual tastes and discover the world of Club Cooee. Visit the 3D radio stations, flirt rooms, cinemas, lobbies and much more or meet other Club Cooee users in their own rooms.

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Create your own 3D rich media chatrooms

In Club Cooee you can also set up your own personal 3D-chatroom for yourself, your friends and all the other users.

To set up your own 3D-chatroom simply drag & drop furniture items you picked from a huge choice of designer sofas, flatscreen TV with YouTube-videos, hifi-systems, club equipment and much more. Entertain your guests with your favourite videos or dance together to own your music.

Start now!


We still care a lot about data security. This newsletter is being sent on behalf of zweitgeist, so data protection is still guaranteed by the according rules and regulations. If you want to use Club Cooee, you have to re-enter your data there. To move your weblin contact list to Club Cooee and inform your friends, you will have to confirm again.

Protection of data privacy and cancellation of the subscription: This message has been sent to If you do not want to receive mails in the future you can unsubscribe by clicking here.

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