Thursday, January 05, 2012

"Mental" disabilities: Social and educational issues : presentation on Exhibit 5

"Mental" disabilities: Social and educational issues
Presented by: Dr. Selby Evans  (Thinkerer Melville in SL)
THURS Jan 5, 7 am SLT
Exhibit 5, Healthinfo Island

•    the major mental disorders or psychoses
•    “ethnogenic” disabilities (conditions seen as disabilities as a result of cultural circumstances)
•    experience-based disorders
•    addictions
•    developmental disorders
•    what to do while we wait for the world to change

This presentation consists of six segments. First, a presentation about major mental disorders. 
Next, a discussion about "ethnogenic" disabilities, which are conditions seen as a disability as 
a result of cultural circumstances, followed by experience-based disorders. Information is also
offered on addictions and developmental disorders. 
The presentation concludes with ideas of what to do while we wait for the world to change.

Presenter Bio:
Selby Evans is a retired Professor of Psychology at Texas Christian University. He taught courses in psychological measurement, computer applications, and systematic problem-solving. A published author, he has conducted research in pattern perception, and studies of cognitive systems, supported by U. S. military organizations, NASA, National Institutes of Health, and other government organizations.

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