Monday, February 11, 2008

Chatlogs of Second Life Events

MB Chevalier mentioned the existence of a Chatlog facility to enter saved transcripts of Sl conversations.
This is really nice! I just added my chat transcript from my part at the Health Care Event. It took a few minutes to digest it, but this is the result.
It is an amazing service called Chatlog,
Currently there is no search option, but they offer :
  • recent Chatlogs
  • a browse option on tags and
  • on Participants of the chat discussions, which it pretty amazing.
The chats are visualized by colours, and when possible with little pictures. Urls are included.

Please note that you now can search on the tags/keywords I entered, AND you can select the names of people that took part in the discussion to see where they
contributed in other discusions!
Besides a search option I want to suggest:
  • some navigation improvements, back&forward
  • or direct links back to the home page from every page
  • add the rss -link I made ;-)

The site does not offer a RSS-feed right now, so I decides to make one by the use of a tool, a so-called " feedscraper" .Feed43
You can add it to your feedreader (Netvibes is my choice):
You can see it live at my Netvibes Ginger Universe

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