Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tools & Accessibility for Second Life

Taken from to Sl website RESIDENTS RESOURCES

I am always looking for tools that can help residents to communicate, navigate or publish.

Accesibility & Interface
Mapping for Voice Buddy
A .zip file with Second Life mappings to Voice Buddy, a voice recognition package that works with Second Life

KitCom - the revolutionary communicator
KitCom is a free World Wide Web to Second life chat application. The first tool enabling realtime text communication between a website and your avatar. Your chat partner needs no registration or login at Second Life. English and German Version available.
zonkster is a web based service that lets you send IMs to residents in-world from any PC.

Alternative to in-world group notices - it lets you send messages and items to thousands of people that can easily subscribe to your list simply by touching an in-world kiosk - no need to join any groups or put up with group spam and random chatter. Also perfect for mass distributing magazines, etc.

Favourites, tagging & blogging

The 'blogHUD' is a tool to let you blog from Second Life and crosspost your text posts or image postcards to your own blog or photo-sharing account.
Sloog is a HUD for SL residents. It helps you save and share your favorite places and friends by "tagging" them (attaching keywords that describe them ). You can search for your saved info later on, both in-world using the same HUD or off-world in the website. Sloog is free to use.

Description and pictures of interesting places in SecondLife, sorted by cartegories. A moueseclick at the picture will bring you directly to the location selected.

SLEK - SL Easy Keys
Are you bored repeatedly typing out commands or the same chat messages in SL? Getting tired typing AO ON, AO OFF? Want to setup your own hot key to a SL function? Then save time by using SLEK. SLEK is the answer to your typing problems. :-)

Literature Alive!
LA! provides open content tools and free training to residents in SL on creating ethical and immersive educational and training materials. Private sessions are available for education and business.

Free To Use Spaces
Public spaces to use for events free of chrage!
Want to host a class, party or other event in SL, but not ready for the time, expense and hassle of owning land? You can use K-Palace, K-Park and other K-Foundry sponsored spaces for non-commercial events anytime you like! Free of charge, no reservations required.

This is a NOT COMPLETE overview. Have a look at the External Services page of the SL WIKI.
Here is a selection:

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