Friday, October 06, 2006

Education and Research BOOMING in Second Life!

I promised to let you know how the presentation of John Bradford went.
Well, follow the link and see the transcripts, the presentation ánd the demo movie!According to The SIMTEACH blog it was perhaps the largest edu event in the Metaverse ....Simteach is really a great site. The subtitle is:"Information and Community for Educators using M.U.V.E.'s(Multi-User Virtual Environments )
Reference: Schwartz, D. L., Bransford, J. D., & Sears, D. (2005). Efficiency and innovation in transfer. In J. Mestre (Ed.), Transfer of learning from a modern multidisciplinary perspective (pp. 1-51). Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing.

One of the Second Life Medical Library missions is to identify and list all relevant activities on the following subjects:

  • Support groups (patient groups in SL) for possible outreach from the Consumer Health Library (more on this later!)
  • Educational, Clinical and Research activities with relation to Health Information or any Medical subject.

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