Monday, October 02, 2006

Ain't Misbehavin'

Sitting here, invited by the Sojourner to join her at a folk concert, live, at MillionsofUs - the grid goes down and the guys keep playing. One of them takes off a capella, doing 'ain't misbehaving' - coming out live from my little pc speaker, just a beautiful voice. The grid goes down but folks are still hanging in there. The singer says, checking the meter, that about 15 people are still out here listening. Sitting at desks or balancing laptops in so many places, sharing the harp riffs and vocal grace in a place that's nowhere; the guys know us by our metered numbers. the audience is shown in that sad 'away' head-hung mode, but nothing's moving. Even the hung grid is alive.

One more listener joined the group - only 5 or 6 have left. We're all sitting here listening.

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Guus van den Brekel a.k.a. Namro Orman said...

That sounds like an event I really should have attended.
The Grid is bigger, deeper and more comprehensive than we can imagine, .. and it depends on what pill you choose, the red one or the blue one.