Friday, September 29, 2006

when worlds collide… and other (perhaps) trite thoughts

Have you ever been talking with someone whose normal speaking voice is too loud or too quiet, and had the overwhelming urge to simply adjust the volume controls? Or wished you could back up to a previous webpage – and there is no ‘back’ because, well, you’re not online, but in p2p mundane workaday time-locked rl? Oh – and then there’s the perplexity of the divide and merge of rl and (not) rl worlds and activities – how about you?

I’d like to amend my appearance, and it annoys me intensely that there’s no pie chart. No skin color change, no way to perk up aging parts or change hair color without also dyeing several towels in the process. I find that my thoughts and actions in SL (as in a previous asynchronous community, but less so) are influencing my rl thoughts and actions. “Hang on a sec,” I want to say sometimes – “I was just talking about this last night with an educator in … Indiana.” Or from India, Germany, the Netherlands. And I was. We’re all increasingly global (so ‘they’ say, despite ongoing provincialism in libraries and other settings) but doing library stuff in SL is more so – mandated to be so, whatever our intentions. It must change our perceptions and practices back in rl.

Even if there is no back button.

be well, in all your worlds.

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