Tuesday, September 19, 2006

European Medical Librarian Conference 2006 : EAHIL

I just had my own presentation at Eahil 2006 and luckily have already had many requests to send the presentation files. My main subject is about getting into the user environment as library instead of expecting them to come to us. One of the Tools libraries can use with that is for instance a QuickSeach Library Toolbar in the web browser. The Second Library Medical Library MOVIE was shown as finishing touch, as example of ultimate efforts of libraries to "deliver the information where the user is" -;)
You can download the ppt HERE.
You can watch a flash demo of the Toolbar (use F11 to Fullscreen)
And the Second Life Medical Library Movie is AVAILABLE as well.
All used data and bookmarks are available at: http://del.icio.us/digicmb/cluj
More information about OUR Toolbar is available at our WEBSITE.

The conference was success, many good presentations, CEC courses and "empowerment sessions".
I want to draw some attentione to the session about :

"An Introduction to Consumer Health Informatics and New Methods of Delivering Information to Patients" by:
Bruce Madge, Sub Librarian, British Medical Association.E-mail: bruce.madge@bma.org.uk and Professor Alan Gillies, Professor of Information Management, University of Central Lancashire .E-mail: acgillies@uclan.ac.uk
Abstract: This empowerment session will introduce delegates to the principles of consumer health informatics and some of the more useful websites that make information accessible to patients. We will also look at some new technologies that will help patients access relevant and useful information about their own conditions and treatments.
They showed some new ways of delivering information to patients.
I talked to Allan and Bruce afterwards and they agreed in making these resources available in the Second Life Medical Library !
See their presentations and demo's on these matters below.

View Alan's presentation on knowledge management for primary care here.
ViewAlan's presentation on health information for patients here.
See a demonstration of the patient resources here

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