Thursday, September 28, 2006

Support and Education at SL

This listing is preparatory to creating a directory of support groups at SL. We'll be adding to it, and considering future outreach/collaborative possibilities. Please add others as you find them!

Alcoholics Anonymous
Anxiety Support area - Catherine House
Autistic Liberation Front
BiPolar Support
Brain Talk Communities
Breast Cancer Awareness
Brigadoon Explorers
CF University (cystic fibrosis)
Depresson Support
Diabetes Type 1 Community
DID Support and Information (dissociative disorders)
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Support Group
Dream Travellers
Fit n Fab Support Group
Live2Give (cerebral palsy)
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Self Injury Support
SL's Cancer Survivors
Special Education Exchange
The Center for Positive Mental Health
The Haven (meeting area for support groups)
Women's Support Group

Research/education groups at SL

SL Researchers
Real Life Education in Second Life
Overview Medical Related activities in Sl (non-CHI)

Possible target groups:
-KIDZ HELPIN KIDZ MEDICAL CENTER: We are kidz who help kidz when they are sick, hurt or just want a checkup.

Definite Target groups: clinical, research & educational
criteria: non-commercial, open structure
A group for the various physicians and health care workers of Caledon. We also include medical researchers.
-SECOND LIFE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION An association for physicians and medics throughout all the cultures of Second Life
- SUGAR MEDICAL CLINIC: Maternity, Pediatric
- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) test site
- Fighting for Health
- Sl Behaviour Healthcare
- Real Mental Health
- Public Health games
- Positive Mental Health

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