Saturday, September 09, 2006

Digital Games in Health

Lorcan Dempsey mentions the presentation of John Kirrimuir (without beard) about Gaming & Libraries at the 4th day of the TICER course. I had to miss that, but that was compensated with having a good talk about "pet training" at the opening dinner with John Kirrimuir himself.
Here's what he calls examples of use in Health:

- Pain relief and distraction
- Rehabilitation
- Surgery skill increase
- Diabetes awareness
- Easing carpal tunnel syndrome
- Mental health and sharpness (Brain Train!)
- Acting out domestic and social situations
- Social and communication development


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John Kirriemuir said...


The Ticer event was good fun - but also much hard work. It was also good to meet you there.

I'm still collecting feedback on the "games and libraries" presentation; comments and relevant examples welcome.

John Kirriemuir