Sunday, September 03, 2006

Resources to help you quit smoking

The effects of smoking
How to quit
  • “Associated with Boston University, Quitnet works largely as an online support group for people trying to quit smoking. In addition to providing excellent cessation tips, Quitnet hooks up thousands of smokers across the country who can share their experiences and help each other work through the process of quitting” (quoted from the Harvard Center for Smoking Prevention site).
  •’s smoking cessation forum
  • Check your yellow pages for ‘smoking cessation’ to find clinics and counselors. Please be aware that there are a number of unscrupulous clinics online and in 3D, promising unbelievable ‘cures’ for quitting smoking. Some examples of this are clinics that give you shots behind the ear, herbal remedies that are mixtures of various herbs (but which don’t give you any proof, and cannot give the names of physicians associated with the treatments – though they often make themselves appear reputable by throwing in a bunch of citations).

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This is not by any means an exhaustive listing of all the reliable sites and resources. For more information – ask us! It’s why we’re here.

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