Friday, September 22, 2006

PubMed Search AND RSS in the Second Life Medical Library! and More!

In-Life Search options in Second Life are still pretty limited. But we now have a few examples available as fully working display in the SLML!
Thanks to Hugo Dalgleish of Life2Life we now have the option to search in PubMed.

Patrons can walk in and do a PubMed Search by simply type in at the chat bar:
/2 migraine treatment
(/2= this is the "channel" this service uses in this building to activate the script)

The actual search is done in Google (sorry) and the results are limited to the pubmed records found.
Standard display of results is now set to 5. These results "hover"in the air and you can walk through it! A click on the text-result will get you to the Pubmed record in RL (Real Life)
We are talking to Hugo about displaying results on screen display ánd offering a notecard to the users to save the results.

We also now offer display of newsfeeds (RSS) from RL IN Second Life. This is in beta right now, but it already looks great. The feeds can be changed into anything. The object will get the LAST 10 items from the RSS-Feed into SL and display them one by one.
Right now this refresh rate seems a little too quick. For me it would be ok if the titels would repeat itself for a longer period.

Third new feature will be the display of the Top Ten Medical Books from Amazon with BOOKCOVERs! Coming soon in this Library -;)

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